Up your social media game.

Famagic is simple to use app for creating templates, stories, posts, ads and more for Instagram and Facebook. It perfects your photos and videos, making them social media-worthy. Famagic can be used on iPhones and iPads, as well as on Mac computers.

Great content, easy.

The power of social media lies in their ability to connect. Spontaneity and authenticity are the qualities audience appreciates most. Now you don’t have to choose between great image and quickness. Post beautiful videos and pictures on the go, using Famagic app. Stay in touch with your audience always and everywhere.

Create templates, stories, posts, ads and more for Instagram and Facebook.

Famagic has vast collection of templates that make photos and videos look more cool and stylish. Use them to create eye-catching posts for your social media accounts.

Establish your individual style.

Any element of Famagic template can be changed: you can use any font, shape and color in order to make content in your own aesthetic.

Co-operate with other people

Famagic drafts can be viewed and edited by multiple users. Just choose a person or a group of people you want to share your project with, and wait for their contribution. Collective creative process is much productive, especially when every participant works from their own gadget.

Choose the most suitable way to work

Big computer screens allow seeing images in details, iPhones and iPads give a sense of picture in the way audience will see it. Famagic is multiplatform app that works on iOS and MacOS, so users can choose preferable way to work on their social media content.

Work at your own pace

Sometimes inspiration takes a moment. Don’t give up on your idea, just let it breathe. Create a draft, using Famagic app, and save it for later. You can pick up where you finished on the same device or on another. A project can be started on iPhone and edited on Mac, and vice versa. Log into your Famagic account and continue the work.

Connect with Keynote app

Apple’s Keynote is creators’ favorite when it comes to making presentations. Working on a Keynote presentation is now so much easier thanks to Famagic. You can transfer files from your Famagic account into your Keynote profile, edit them and share with the audience.

Famagic is for everyone

You don’t have to be a professional content creator to use Famagic. It is simple to navigate app and efficient tool, that will make your social media profile look so much cooler. Just install Famagic, upload your content and let magic happen.